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Gag Stotram




     g<ga Staem

      A Sanskrit Hymn Written

      By Marilynn Stark









` nmae g<gayE Tv< mns!SvCDtada zaEcat!zuictari]taka,

"Rmpalk AnagtdizRnItr[aitdu>odaETyja.

Tv< me ma magR me Aaas me AVyyzIlanuh> AapuTkale svRe me,

AnunyaNyn<tkr< g<gaya> gvnizzutuLy dyit}akar ywan<trm!.

ij}asaya> snvai"gmahavrIitkar Tyazakale,

` nmae g<gayE  ` nmae g<gayE  

` nmae g<gayE  ` nmae g<gayE.



Om. Salutations unto Gang, Thou, giver of clarity of mind arising from purity, protector of innocence, preserver of virtue, prophetess of passage from misery accompanying mission; Thou art my light, my way, my consolation, my saving grace through all adversity.  May I supplicate Thy hand, oh Gang, which knows no boundaries and gives the day of provision from the depth of Thy childlike heart as Thou giveth the way like a well-spring newly found after search through dry season's hopelessness.  

Om Salutations unto Gang, Om Salutations unto Gang, Om Salutations unto Gang, Om Salutations unto Gang.







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