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English-to-Sanskrit Glossary

You will notice that some of the Sanskrit words in the text throughout the Web site are used in an interchangeable fashion and without italics or the accompanying Devanagari script.  These are words which are becoming a part of the English vocabulary, such as mantra, sadhu, Krishna, Ganesha, Ishvara, and guru.  This index will serve to assist in clarifying the meanings of several words which are essential to a proper unfoldment of the Vedanta teaching.  

I   Aham!  aham meaning the first person singular 

truth   taTv  tattva 

God   $Zvr   Iis`vara  or   $z  Is`a 

Please contact me by email if you have a question regarding any word or words in Sanskrit, and I will answer you:  Thank you for visiting, and may your studies be blessed.










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