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This page reflects the inspiration I had received from Swami Dayananda when he first instructed me as to this kind of contemplation while I was visiting at the ashram in Piercy, California in 1982.  In his honor I will slate a project to post an audio file of this page for your listening purposes, and this page will be most probably located on another, connecting Web site using QuickTime.

MLS March 14, 2007


     In finding the way as a seeker after self-realization and liberation from mae] moksha, the birth-death cycle of the AaTma aatmaa, one must lift the mind in steady contemplations upon the non-dual aspect of reality.  The universal truth, or sTym!  satyam, is a conceptual hold much as a raft, at first, on testy waters.  Once the mind becomes one-pointed through the practice and discipline of contemplative endeavor and ardor for truth, then the raft becomes converted into a more sturdy craft, lending now a rudder, direction; open the sails on a new boat, and cross the waters as fearlessness arises on the sun's horizon to be found.  Follow the light, be it stars through your darkness, and await the new day's dawn forever to be held for its shining promise of hope, sustenance and know-how in this life and in this bold, brave quest.  For this is the ship of  AEt  advaita Vedanta, and no matter the sharks as you find safe passage, in this life or in the next, the yonder shore ever beckons, ever awaits your safe and triumphant arrival for landing in the beatitude of Ishvara's own abode, His loving hold.  This is the way of yogic science, and this world is naught but your school.  Be as a light tower to those along the way by your proper example, and may you be gifted with a teacher.


Remove yourself from all involvements in the busy workaday world of shifting objects and considered thoughts,

Just as if your awareness might be consonant with the absence of connection to time, 

with the absence of connection to place,

with the absence of connection to object.

For that which is born of the absolute, you also are;  AaTma aatmaa is Brahman, Ay< AaTma m ayam aatmaa Brahma, this self is Brahman.  

Once removed from the busy, workaday world of the physical premise of existence, with no particular thought-born attachments to the world of change, the world of thoughts and deeds;

Once removed from the worries past midnight, may the dawn of the self rise through the mist of maya maayaa, like a giant light suspended in the sky,

 the sky of all of the vast dominion of space with no end.

May the light of pure consciousness in which AaTma aatmaa abides, through this physical chariot of the body, 

and which light is AaTma aatmaa, as AaTma aatmaa is Brahman, be seen, be cognized; 

for  Ay< AaTma m  ayam` aatmaa brahma.   This self is Brahman. 

For all of that which exists in the  visible realm, where are you, who are you, and what is that?   ik< tt!  Kim tat .   With every object in imagination, including all of the substance, the material substituents of the world sitting in the universe together, how can you know, how can I know, where does the self, AaTma  aatmaa   figure in? 

Who are you, who am I, what is that?  To know the self is to know all, it is said; 'you are that,'  tt! Tv< Ais  tat tvam asi .

Beyond all boundaries known or knowable, 'you are that,' 'that Thou art,'   tt! Tv< Ais  tat tvam asi,  as there is no difference, no measurement available, of which to avail yourself, since there are no limits in the expanse that is Brahman:

  svR< m oiLvd<  sarvam brahma khalvidam` ,' all of this is  Brahman only.'

May the light of a thousand suns rise in the expanse of limitless awareness that you are, that just is.

May the sunrise tomorrow become the sun of all tomorrows, for endless is the time where time is not known to have begun;

 and that vast space where lives the sun of pure conscious awareness also cannot be explained by other than yourself, since you are that:  tt! Tv< Ais  tat tvam asi ,

ever-abiding light of limitless awareness: st ! ict! AanaNd  sat chit aananda, existence-knowledge-bliss.

Be that.

In God's faith,

Marilynn Stark 


2003 by Marilynn Stark All Rights Reserved


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